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The Mental Case is a technical demo for a game concept developed by myself and three others in the game design class at Towson University. The premise is that you have lost your marbles and need to find them while making your escape from the insane asylum. The wardens appear as deranged monsters based on medical tools. The demo is only one level. Make it out of the room and get to the elevator to win. 

If there is enough interest, a full, polished version of this game might be developed. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsHidden Object, Horror, hospital, Stealth


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There's a good set up for being horrifying here! It's got a good atmosphere, but there is more you could do to make it scarier...


Thanks for playing! You are correct, the game is currently still just a concept. I have plans on expanding the world, maybe ditching the marbles, and producing it for VR. Looking to release a demo next year, stay tuned and thanks for your feedback!


Really enjoyed it. Keep building.

Thank you! By the way, it is possible to escape the room ;)

Neat little game. Got stuck on the first puzzle for a while, ha. Thought the marbles thing was funny. I would be interested in seeing some more. 


I actually got a spook in this one lol

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Hey i really enjoyed this game!! The sounds in this game were amazing and i like how the same sound will be louder than when it was previously played, because it makes me feel like there is something right behind the door. It was an easy game to and i hate hard games so that's another good point! And lastly i didn't come across any bugs apart from the patrolman getting stuck on a wall but he got out of it when i let him hit me so the game was great!! I made a Lets Play video of it for anyone that wants to check out the gameplay for The Mental Case, i'll appreciate it if you do and i hope you decide to subscribe :) 

Thanks for playing! Your video was quite entertaining!

You're welcome and thankyou :) 


a pretty neat game. i like the idea of you trying to escape at the beginning. all i can say is i wish there was some kind of resistence after you leave the first room. other than that its pretty good.

Thanks for playing! There's supposed to be a warden patrolling the halls, but he must have been stuck on the wall. He's such a weird guy, that warden... 


Great Game, a few issues found, but can be expected, puzzle was good, envrionment was decent, Here is a video Play through, pointing out both good and bad points.

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Hello! I'm flattered that you took the time to make a video of your play through and I really appreciate it. This was the first time I've got to watch someone play without any hints or background information and it is enlightening. So first of all, the sixth marble does exist! You see that little hallway between storage and the elevator? You walked past it so many times, almost going in, and I found myself shouting at the screen haha. Also, I apologize for the pillow glitch. I thought I had fixed that in the demo, but I see now it just needs to have a way to respawn if it gets lost. The pills actually do serve a function. If you just lightly touch the warden, you won't die, but your health will decrease and your screen will start to get blurry. Using a pill will increase your health again slightly. There are no weapons in this level, just because we only had a few weeks to put it all together. In a more fleshed out version, we would want the player to be able to sneak up behind wardens to knock them out. Again, thank you for playing!


Your more than welcome! It's a great game with great potential, I'm more than keen to hang around for the more polished version!

As for the sixth marble, I replayed it, and gosh do i feel silly hahah.

Keep up the great work!

How do I get out of the first room lol?

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I got stuck on that also XD you put the pillow on the sink, after doing so, make a noise with the metal bucket